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A new way of thinking

A new way of thinking


Jinglenook Ltd is a completely new way of life for us, founded from a couple of decades of hard work combined with a desire to ‘always be moving’. It started out as a conversation a few years ago about how we intended to work for the rest of our lives (with one of us working in a full time consultancy position and the other keeping the family in check and food on the table) and has since morphed into a passion for us both to grow together, and as a family, whilst having some fun helping other people invest in their own lives.

A suggestion of always moving was at times misconstrued as needing to be on the move physically, selling it all up, renting a camper and heading off into the horizon, which I’m sure is desirable to so many across all walks of life, especially as those mid-life years start creeping up. But for us it meant growing in mind and experience, learning something new from scratch, pushing our comfort zones daily and forging a new way of life.

So now we provide families, couples and single tenants with affordable, modern and beautiful rental accommodation whilst working with investors, both actively in showing them how to make the most of their money, and more silently in helping them grow their money at rates several times those currently seen in UK banks.

I hope you find our journey interesting and if you need any help in at all from just wanting a fresh set of ears to hear your challenges through to having money you want to see grow, then get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.