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Leeds City Scene

Why Leeds?

Why should you be investing in Leeds?  It may seem as though London is the best city to invest in. With its well-known attractions and bustling atmosphere, people seem to gravitate towards the capital when looking to invest.  In fact, with property prices continually increasing, rental prices decreasing and rental yields decreasing down South, the…
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A new way of thinking

Jinglenook Ltd is a completely new way of life for us, founded from a couple of decades of hard work combined with a desire to ‘always be moving’. It started out as a conversation a few years ago about how we intended to work for the rest of our lives (with one of us working…
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rightmove - property market is open

The property market is open…

It’s 5am, I’ve been woken up twice in the night (once by the cat wanting to go out randomly, and more imminently our 8 yr old with a nightmare) so am now sat at my laptop as my head was running through everything I need to do, and the feeling of being totally overwhelmed dragged…
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Estate Agent or Sourcing Agent

What is the Difference? Estate Agent Whilst most of us have more than likely used the services of an Estate Agent for selling our own homes, have you ever really thought about the ‘service model’ used by them to ‘broker’ a deal and get paid? Estate Agent engages with a seller Agrees sale price and…
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Flat-pack homes?

IKEA is making a move on the UK housing market IKEA are looking to expand on their flat packed empire by building whole new homes, with a focus on providing affordable housing for struggling councils. Worthing Council is considering a deal with BoKlok, owned by Ikea and construction company Skanska, to build up to 162…
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The expansion of Leeds

With the population set to grow by 4.6% by 2024, is now the time to invest? It’s been made clear by the Government that the North of England is paramount to the future prosperity of the UK as a whole, as documented in the Northern Powerhouse Strategy. The Office for National Statistics predicts that the…
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Brexit – All doom & gloom?

As the great Warren Buffet has said, “be greedy when others are fearful” (paraphrased slightly), seems to be a rallying cry for those willing to take the plunge into the property market, particularly buy to let which is having a pretty hard time of it. The news is full of the potential slow down of…
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