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Brexit – All doom & gloom?

Brexit – All doom & gloom?

As the great Warren Buffet has said, “be greedy when others are fearful” (paraphrased slightly), seems to be a rallying cry for those willing to take the plunge into the property market, particularly buy to let which is having a pretty hard time of it.

The news is full of the potential slow down of the UK market with warehouses filling up and manufacturing suffering but does this mean the end of investing in property.

So what does Brexit really mean for the UK housing market?

Rightmove could be a good place to start; “Our [Rightmove] data scientists have found that the average price of property coming up for sale has risen by just 0.4% this month, which is the lowest average monthly rise at this time of year since 2011.”

They have repeatedly stated that the market is reluctant at the moment with prices either holding steady whilst people keep an eye on the politics, or in certain areas, the prices have plateaud and are starting to drop which looks like a good sign to us here at Jinglenook.

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