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Why Leeds?

Why Leeds?

Leeds City Scene

Why should you be investing in Leeds? 

It may seem as though London is the best city to invest in. With its well-known attractions and bustling atmosphere, people seem to gravitate towards the capital when looking to invest. 

In fact, with property prices continually increasing, rental prices decreasing and rental yields decreasing down South, the North has fast become the preferred choice for people to turn their investment towards. 

There are many more reasons to invest your time and money into the rapidly growing property market in the Northern city of Leeds. It has been established as the UK’s second largest financial and economical centre outside of London.  

Leeds is popular for its thriving tourism industry with attractions such as Museums, Galleries and Parks. Not only that, the property prices in Leeds are much more affordable, enabling you to make higher returns at a faster rate!

The UK population is increasing. There is a housing undersupply. What does this mean for your property investment?

It is predicted that the UK’s population is forecast to reach 74 million people in the next 20 years. The Leeds population is growing seven times faster than London’s, meaning there’s a major undersupply of housing. This presents the perfect opportunity for you to generate solid returns. 

With the market being highly competitive, this combination of population increase and high demand for housing proves that property investment is currently booming in the North. 

Leeds house prices are around four times cheaper than that in London at £169,247, compared to that of £673,763 in London. Lower house prices and higher rental yields, together prove the potential for great capital growth!